We developed all the communication elements for the fertilizer company Tarazona, a global brand project in a communication environment. We traced a communication line that that could apply to all the media and advertising campaigns that the company required.

In addition to that, we developed a digital strategy that, besides the corporate website, allows customers to access to Tarazona’s web-app, displayed on mobile and integrating QR codes, not only in the packaging of the product, but in all the media communication elements.

We designed the online and offline graphic design of Tarazona’s product lines, projecting a sophisticated image through simple and current lines.

We developed the graphic design for the packaging of Taratech product line, with a common pattern, differentiating each product through different colors.

Among other advertisement elements, we designed Tarazona´s exports catalog with a current style, a chromatic coherence with the products packaging and all the information well structured.