Díaz-Cano Interior Design carried out the project of the new Pressing Sneakers’ store in the shopping mall L’Epicentre in Sagunto. äbranding also participated with the design of static advertising screens that were placed in the store. This was the starting point of a larger project that we managed from the agency and that included the development of a corporate website and an e-Commerce.

The whole look of Pressing Sneakers is inspired by an urban style aimed at a young target audience, who likes comfort and follows trends. Therefore, we decided to use graphic elements and symbols related to their tastes. The chromatic ranges, with red as the protagonist, seek to transmit vitality, youth, dynamism... This proposal was applied to their entire communication elements, including their social networks.

The online shop has a simple design, and it is structured around the product and its sale, with special promotional banners highlighted in the home page.

The corporate website has a scrollable structure in which the protagonist are the full screen images, that show the freshness of the shoe store.

The promotional banners that we design wanted to transmit vitality, youth, dynamism… using an original typography and an attractive color range.