Your Health and Beauty Broker

Your Health and Beauty Broker is a company from Valencia that introduces exclusive products into international markets, in particular into the pharmaceutical (OTC), dermo-cosmetic and healthy food markets (superfoods and BIO supplements). In äbranding we designed their logo and brand image, with all its adaptations, as well as their corporate website.

As a starting point, health and beauty concepts had to be implicit in the brand identity, without falling into topics. This is the reason why we chose the chromatic ranges between greens and blues, with golden hints, looking for a chic style. As a brand icon, we adapted a mandala, a Buddhist and Hinduist element, and which the client was identified.

The website has a one-page scroll navigation, with full screen suggestive images, responsive design so it can be displayed in all devices and with a parallax effect. We also included a drop-down map and a roll over effect on the icons.

äbranding was chosen as the agency that designed their logo, image brand and all its different adaptations.

The website was specially design for Your Health and Beauty Broker, including a one-page scroll navigation, full screen suggestive images, responsive design and a parallax effect.

Health and beauty were the two concepts that had to identify the brand, without falling into topics.