Gironés is a textile firm that started its business in 1935, with the opening of its first physical store in Valencia. Up to now, Gironés has an updated and accessible online shop, which has allowed them to diversify its business and to be able to sell in Europe through this channel.

In äbranding we made a restyling of this online shop, based on the importance that was given to the design, improving usability and converting it into a responsive web, adaptable to all devices. The website is easy to use and agile to shop in. Each category is adjusted to show the products individually.

The appearance of the online store follows Gironés’ brand identity, using the colors of the brand on a white background, which gives prominence to the products and their quality. In addition, we added some elements to improve the user experience, such as an online chat.

In äbranding we managed the restyling of the           e-commerce.

The website is very easy to use and easy to shop. Each product category shows the items individually.