Strategic Marketing

Know, diagnose and define an action plan to make your project a success

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is the most important part of this service. It includes all the main tips of a marketing strategy, and from the business plan strategy, it draws the way to achieve all the goals through branding, communication and positioning.

Value Proposal

With the value proposal we determine the buyer persona that represents your customer segment, considering their needs, fears and joys. This allows us to generate a synergy with the services and products offered by your company to provide the best value proposal to your customers.

We design campaigns that meet objectives and obtain results according to the needs of each project

As a professional marketing agency, in äbranding we offer a strategic consulting service based on the Marketing Plan and the Value Proposal. These two pillars are fundamental and should be developed based on a joint strategy.

Strategic Plan marketing tailor made

Canvas Model

Key partnerships, customer segments, key resources, revenues, key activities … they all make the CANVAS model a simple and quick way to synthesize all the agents that form your business strategy.

Brand Strategy

Always starting from the analysis, we define a sustainable over time strategy that is able to unify the company values with the value proposal, being different from the competition and covering the needs of your clients.

Marketing Audit

Do you want to know which is the status of your Social Networks? You don´t know if your website has a correct position? Does your client understand the meaning of your brand? All these questions are frequently asked by companies that manage marketing actions and in äbranding we offer you the opportunity to measure and analyze them, so that we always offer you an improvement.

Digital Action Plan

For many years, digital transformation is one of the main goals within all sectors. In äbranding we are experts in creating a digital strategy, setting goals and developing a coherent and personalized action plan that will help your company fulfill them.

Strategic Consultancy

In most cases, companies focus their actions in getting to know them and obtaining sales, leaving behind the development of the most important point: the strategy. With it we can analyze, diagnose, treat and measure the results of our actions, knowing if they meet the goals that have been stablished.

In Company Training

Most of the actions that äbranding proposes will involve a large part of your team. We offer you the opportunity to transfer our most qualified team members to your facilities to give you a full marketing training.

In äbranding we can help you

Our experience in the design of strategic marketing plans is materialized with optimal results in different projects with the seal äbranding.
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