WOM Fotógrafos

The name WOM, World Of Moments, was chosen since both visually and phonetically the name is very attractive and easy to memorize. It has the peculiarity of being also an ambigram, this means that it admits a correct reading from left to right as well as vice versa. The naming, World of Moments, reflects the philosophy of these photographers who work capturing the most emotional moments of life, celebrations, births, family portraits, etc.

After the naming, we worked with the logo, which reflects the activity of the company through a lens and side-folds, as if it were an old camera. The logo also plays with the three letters of the name WOM. The corporate brand was completed with a chromatic game in which each color is related to a certain type of moment. We also worked in the adaptations for their business cards and corporate lettering, which in this case was done by monorotulos.

Based on their corporate brand, in äbranding we designed a website for capturing their corporate identity through color vectors that support large-scale photographs.