Sadival, a Valencian company that sells Christmas baskets, proposed to us the challenge of going along with them in their digital transformation. To do this, as a starting point, we developed an online shop with Prestashop, based on the balance between usability, SEO positioning and design. It was a very spoiled sales tool, with a simple but effective design that seeks to transmit values such as confidence or security around the products and the comprehensive service offered by the company.

This digital process also had to be accompanied by an updated logo, so we redesigned their brand and created a new one to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The same essence of the previous brand was kept and adapted to digital media. We gave less importance to the red color and more to the gold colors and we symbolized a Christmas box with the bow on the top. In addition, it went from a serif-typo to a non-serif one, to achieve a more current and clean look.

Other aspects that we worked on were the updating of Sadival’s product packaging, for which we designed three lines: a generic one, and two specific ones for Christmas and Gourmet packages.

Currently, we also manage the digital presence in Sadival’s social networks, specifically Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.


The social network strategy is based, above all, on design and creativity, to connect with new audiences and to update the Christmas basket as a trendy gift.

The ultimate goal was to achieve greater notoriety, so we also manage their SEM campaigns, mainly on Facebook, with a reach of 52,553 people in October 2017.