HV Producciones

The Valencian producer specialized in television projects, HV Productions, chose äbranding to elaborate the design of two of its programs for À Punt Mèdia: Els Bíters and Trau la llengua.

Els Bíters is one of the most successful children’s shows since its reopening. The project consisted in creating a logo that would identify these little creatures that live inside a Tablet and are capable of everything.

The brand Els Bíters had to breathe technology and freshness, considering the target audience to which it is addressed. This was the main reason for the typography chosen, simple and readable for even the little ones, the colors and, of course, those forms that synthesize a computer base plate.

This project also highlights the creation of an identifier symbol that has subsequently been applied to many of the program´s communication media.

HV Producciones also chose äbranding for the redesign of Trau la llengua’s brand, one of the most recognized and popular programs with the highest audience of the television network.

This space led by Eugeni Alemany required a renewed image, which connected with younger audiences and achieved a high graphic recognition in a single visual blow.

As a solution, we created a synthetic and direct winged shield with lips and a modern and shameless tongue.

This shield is backed by the program’s name as a hashtag.