We developed the online shop of The Hoff Brand, a shoe brand with a very special design, which aims at a young, urban and trendy group. Each pair of sneakers is inspired by a city that is represented in the soles, with personalized colors in the design. You can find them all here.

The purpose of this website, with a responsive design, is to show the lifestyle associated with the brand, as well as to show the product and its values in order to achieve greater sales. Therefore, the photographs and large videos are the main protagonists of the site structure.

Like the sneakers, the shop is unique, and it is completely sale-oriented. Each product sheet is fixed to the right, with a vertical slide that shows the shoe. The whole design is sobered and simple, using the colors black and white for the chromatic ranges.

The whole project is based on a chic and urban lifestyle.

Responsive design adaptable to any mobile device.

Nominated as best startup 2017 in the Spain e-commerce Awards.