Global Labs made äbranding responsible for the project of redesigning their corporate image and naming. The Catalonian company, which was named before Global Remediation, is a laboratory that elaborates products with natural components that help improve the functioning of the body.

For the naming, we chose a direct and easy-to-remember term to make it more readable and eloquent regarding the company’s work. For its new corporate image, one of the main requirements was to keep the rosette of the logo, updating it and applying a sober design. For the logo representation, we used a dry, cleaner and simpler typography, and a chromatic range that combined elegance with green tones, which evoke the naturalness of its products.

A company like Global Labs, characterized by its constant research and innovation, had to show its new digital image to the world. In äbranding we also designed and programed their new website, according to their new corporate image and adaptable to any device and screen.

The project was completed with stationery designs: bags, cards, letters and different formats of corporate envelopes.

The logo was redesigned considering the new naming to offer a more up-to-date, simple and elegant image, with a renewed rosette and non-serif typography.

The new corporate website was design following a responsive criteria, which allowed its perfect visualization, navigation and use from any device.