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Digital marketing strategies are usually hard to achieve. Getting the users attention and their long-term loyalty requires even more efforts, resources and media. One of the main techniques to raise awareness is content marketing: the creation of pieces that, through different formats, offer something valuable and interesting for the user. Also, these pieces accelerate their purchase decision and are used as a reinforcement for the branding activity and the company´s digital identity.

Content has become a strategic pillar in the digital strategy of large companies. Generating original and unique content allows companies to get a head start on their external communication: all the information about the brand and its activity is self-generated more easily and spread through the network, which allows to shape its image brand and make users and potential customers to return when they require the products or services they like.

A piece of quality content that really adds some value to the user and makes the time reading it worthwhile, is the best possible lead acquisition. Through a powerful blog, a well-nurtured YouTube channel or specific social network campaigns (beyond its regular update), a user that didn´t know who we were can enter our funnel and be a part of every action which ends up in client conversion and, why not, a prescriber.


Five keys to Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not only writing what comes to mind in our corporate blog. There are, at least, five essential premises that we must follow if we don’t want to forget about achieving success:

  • Planning. Inspiration is a very romantic concept, and creativity does not have schedules, but if we want to get somewhere, we must develop a calendar with publications and topics. Waiting for a bright idea to appear in our heads is not the best strategy.
  • Originality. Time is too valuable to despise it by offering plagiarism or content without value. In addition, Google will penalize us severely if it detects that the content is copied from other pages.
  • Periodicity. Have we developed a content plan? Great: let’s follow it. The big enemy of content marketing is the lack of consistency. Our page will be more attractive to search engines the more content we have. The frequency is important.
  • Let’s be visual. Maybe Camilo José Cela would be proud of our posts. But, if our blog is full of gray and dull text, users will probably get tired soon. The digital world offers countless resources to embellish articles and make them easier to read: infographics, image banks, YouTube embedded videos … We must enrich the content.
  • Sharing. The articles can be very good, but if we expect users to type our URL in the search engine and go find them … It probably will not happen. To make a blog more dynamic, it is important to create good content as well as sharing it. Production and dissemination are part of the same cycle.

Where do we focus our effort?

Except in large companies, which have multidisciplinary teams and important budgets to spend on content marketing, money does not always exceed: resources are limited and sometimes we have to use the budget for other actions. That’s why it’s especially important to know what brands we work for and, above all, where your audience and business are located.

It is not the same to advertise a fashion e-commerce, which will have on Instagram a good part of its audience and income, that to elaborate content for an industrial company that works B2B or a service delivery company. The best method to be successful, like in other areas, is through trial and error: testing and analyzing, looking for what is most accepted and the ways through which the company feels more comfortable spreading their information are the best techniques.

Unfortunately, the competition tightens, the world changes very fast and we do not have time for testing. If our resources are limited, we must find the method, study the characteristics and the target audience of every channel before starting a content marketing strategy, because patience is essential: a post or concrete action can lead to a sale, but the goal is long-term loyalty.

If you want to start a content marketing strategy to guide your customers through their customer journey and achieve loyalty, in äbranding we take care of defining and executing it, always complying with the objectives set. Let’s talk!

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